Deserts and volcanoes

Danakil Desert

At an altitude of 136m below sea level, the Danakil is probably the hottest desert in the world. Yet during the months of October to April this region is pleasant to visit. It is possibe to get close to Erte Ale volcano active or to admire the colorful and crystaline salt Springs of Dallol. However, the Danakil remains a genuine African adventure. It takes a whole day to go down two kilometers in altitude to the salt flat where the heat of the desert is really intense. The vast Danakil area is known for its strange geological formations: acidic hot springs, mountains of sulfur, pillars of salt, small gas geysers, pools of acid isolated by salt ridges and secretions, sulfur chloride magnesium, sodium and brine solidified. All on a white background mixed with yellow, green and red ocher, iron oxide, salt and other minerals. There is a strong smell of sulfur all over the area.

The Erta Ale volcano, although only 613 m high is some thirty kilometers in diameter. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It stretches over 95 kilometers long and 42 kilometers wide. The Erta Ale has a caldera at its summit of 1600 meters long and 700 meters wide north-south. In the two craters are caldera-like circular pits and walls. Sometimes the craters disappear for several years only to reform later

The Afar peole are frightened of the volcano and do not approach. The believe that it is place where the evil spirits ride horses

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