Mountain trekking and horse riding

For hikers, the Simiens are a truely exceptional region in Africa where it is possible to walk at your own pace. Wildlife abounds and it is easy get the feeling of being on the roof of Africa with the clear sky and many birds. Admire imperial eagles, tawney eagles other birds of prey.  Or watch the lammergayer as they drop bones onto rocks to break them or Ruppel's vultures soaring along the cliff faces. Walk amongst the Geladas, the famous mountain monkeys are found only in Simiens. With a little luck you will have the chance to see a Simien wolf, a rare species and there are more than a few hundred in Ethiopia. It is not necessary to climb very large gradients because once up on the plateau you're already at 3000 meters altitude.

Alternatively try the Bale mountains. less dramatic than the Simiens, the area abounds with wildlife and it is quite possible to get close to mountain nyala and Menelicks bushbuck. 

If your challenge is the high mountains then it is back to the Simiens where the ultimate trek will take you three days to the very top of the country at over 4600 metres, right up to the top of Ras Daschen. On a clear day it is easiy to imagine that the whole of Ethiopia is within your grasp.

If you are staying in the Simiens, check out for lots of information.

The 5th picture on this page shows climbing up to the Debre Damo church by rope. The priests lower a safety rope down and you climb the 3O metres up a vertical wall to the 'lost monastery', part of Ethiopia's treasures.

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