Tribes and lost cultures

Much endangered, the tribes of the Hammer, Mursi, Konso SURMI and remain proud of their traditions. In one of the most famous traditions, young Hammer boys must prove themselves before getting married by jumping on the back of several aligned bulls. Meanwhile the animals are excited by the women.

In another ceremony, women are ask to be whipped by men as a sign of female strength.  The Mursi, the SURMI or the Hammer live as they have lived for centuries. Ethiopia is the only country on the continent with tribes that have not been influenced by colonialism that affected other African countries. These people have attractive customs and fascinating culture.

Different to the other tribes, the Mursi women cut their lips and ear lobes to insert a disc. This starts at 10 years of age after extraction of the front lower teeth and gradually a larger disc is inserted each year until finally a large disc with clay markings is he symbol of maturity.

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